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TEMA: Constant game crashes

Constant game crashes pre 4 godina 10 meseci #44565

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The game crashed 4 times in a row, ruining an entire map for me and my party. Getting stuck in a few loading screens was something I was able to deal with, it happens.
Then came a few disconnects during playing the game. Acceptable. But densely getting kicked, besides lowering graphics into the basement (800 x 600 here I go) and still getting a crash (whilst having 50 fps), I can safely say it's a bug.
It costed me an ambushed high pack-size, high quantity Plaza Map.
Whilst ruining not only mine but also my friends experience.I am utterly frustrated with the current state of the game and the new "features".Since 3.0 the game is crashing on a regular basis, besides deciding to not load content ,getting stuck in loading screens, crashing in loading screens and disconnecting me during loading screens.
It takes sometimes up to 3 7 minutes to reconnect, since I am stuck in this god damn loading screen.When I first load into the game, I always get an "unexpected error" during the loading screen into the town (this takes up to 3 minutes). If I try to load into the same town again a short while after, there is no problem what so ever. (This will also occur if I haven't visit a town in about 2 maps.)Same goes for some maps like Beachhead, Volcano, Vault, Maze, Beacon ... So I always waste a portal if I first join this particular map type, leading me to actually trying to preload some of the map, via visiting similar maps. What sometimes can help.
Please Help.
Thanks !
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