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FSO Shop guide


What do you get from us?

We provide you with the original FIFA activation code, with this code you can obtain the original game through EA Sports's official gaming platform, called Origin. So we provide you exactly the same game as sold in the stores, however without the DVD and the box.


Guide: how to obtain your original FIFA game


When you have bought our game, you can follow the following steps in order to obtain the game.

Follow these steps to redeem your key: -


1. Download the Origin client from above link and install it, it will ask you to create a EA account, if you dont already have one then create this account and verify the email address used. If you already have an account login once prompted



2. Once logged in and all profile etc created go to the settings icon in top right corner and select redeem product code.


Redeem product code


3. Make sure you have your key ready and copy paste it if a text based key or type it if an image based key into input square provided and hit next button.


redeem product code


4. You will receive a brief explanation of what product you are redeeming and the languages it comes with, press next again and a green message will appear advising your product is now redeemed


redeem product code


redeem product code


5. Now you can start downloading your games, firstly click View in Libary button as above then click the ready to download button to commence downloading, Origin will automatially install the game for you and you simply click on the game thumbnail to start the game.



Enjoy your game!!

FIFA Serbia Online